Marijuana Frequently Asked Questions

A quick Q&A about medical marijuana. We often get questions like: “Is marijuana legal in Las Vegas?” or “Where can I get marijuana in Las Vegas?” and so forth. So here’s a list of frequently asked questions about medical marijuana.

What are the benefits of having a Nevada Medical Marijuana Card?

Getting legal allows you to grow 12 plants and possess 2.5oz without being arrested. After a Las Vegas Medical Marijuana Doctor has determined your eligibility and a qualifing condition has been established, you will receive an attending physicians statement good for one year and 24/7 patient verification number before you leave the office. Book your appointment to see a Las Vegas Medical Marijuana Doctor and get your Nevada Medical Marijuana Card evaluation today.

Does the Medical Marijuana Card expire?

The Nevada Medical Marijuana card is good for one year. After 1 year, you will be required to renew your card. Our Las Vegas Marijuana Doctors provide renewals as well as first time patient evaluations.

Can I start using medical marijuana while waiting for the card?

Yes, once your Las Vegas Marijuana Doctor determines that the Nevada Medical Marijuana Card Program Is right for you and the state receives your complete application you will receive a temporary approval letter from the state good for thirty (30) days. This allows you to possess medical marijuana pending final approval. If law enforcement questions your right to possess the marijuana, present them with a copy of your application and temporary approval letter. (NRS 453A.210).

What are reasons for denial of my medical marijuana application?

Occassionally an application for a Nevada Medical Marijuana Card will be denied usally for one of the following reasons:
False or incomplete information on your application.
Failure to provide proof of medical condition.
Failure to provide proof of consulting with your doctor about using cannabis medicine.
The physician supporting your application is not licensed or not in good standing.
You are under eighteen (18) years old and your parent or guardian did not sign off.
You or your caregiver has been convicted of selling drugs.
You or your caregiver have possessed drugs in jail or delivered drugs to someone in jail.
If you’ve failed to follow any other regulations mandated by the Nevada Department of Health and Human Services
If the Nevada State Health Division has ever previously prohibited you from ever obtaining a Registry Identification Card.

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